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Worlds Largest Gummy Bear!

This giant 5 pound gummy bear is actually available for purchase on Amazon. Sadly, I couldn't find one that shipped to Canada, because I can only image just how delicious 5lbs of gummy bear would taste. Bigger is always better, and when you consider the deliciousness of the standard size gummy bear, weighing in at mere ounces, you can only image just how gigantic the obscene flavor of giant gummy is.

Oh giant gummy, if only you would find your way to my country here in Canada, I would nibble upon your giant gummy bear ears oh so happily. We'd dance, we'd dine, I'd sing to you songs written for you because you would be my muse, gigantic gummy.

Oh, Gigantic gummy.

You is so yummy.

You has a belly.

Made of jelly.

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